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Unix usage:

/FISHEYE_HOME/bin/fisheyectl.sh command [options]

Windows usage:

\FISHEYE_HOME\bin\fisheyectl.bat command [options]

The command parameter can be one of run, start or stop (see below). You can also find convenience scripts for running each of these commands (for example, run.sh or run.bat).


The run command starts FishEye. This command runs FishEye in the foreground (it does not fork a background process).


--config path Load configuration from the file at path. Default is $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml.
--quiet Do not print anything to the console.
--debug Print extra information to the debug log.
--debug-perf Print performance related information to the debug log.

The following options can be used, but will be removed at a later date:

--Xtab-width nchars Specifies the number of spaces to use to represent a tab character. The default is 8.
--Xdisable-dirtree-empty-checks When rendering the directory tree on some pages, FishEye calculates if each directory subtree is "empty". For massive repositories, this calculation can cause the page to take a long time to render. This option disables the calculation that determines emptiness.
--Xdisable-content-indexing Disable the generation of a full-text index for file content. This prevents further indexing, but does not delete any existing full-text indexes. FishEye will not warn you if you specify this option but still try to do a content-search. This option is useful if you do not use content-search and you are finding FishEye is taking a long time to index your content.


This command has the same options as run, but starts FishEye in the background.

Windows: FishEye will be run in a seperate cmd.exe window.

Unix: FishEye will be run with nohup, and the console output will be redirected to $FISHEYE_INST/var/log/fisheye.out.


The stop command stops a running FishEye instance.


--config path Load configuration from the file at path. Default is $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml.



fisheyectl fullscan [options] [repname ...]

Requests a full-scan of the given repositories, or all repositories if no repository name is given


--config path Load configuration from the file at path. Default is $FISHEYE_INST/config.xml.



fisheyectl backup [filename]

Creates a zip archive containing important FishEye configuration files.


filename Store the backup.zip to filename. Default is $FISHEYE_INST/backup/backup_yyyyddMMHHmmss.zip.