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Backing up and Restoring FishEye Configuration Data.


A zip archive of all FishEye configuration files can be created via the FishEye Admin interface or by using the fisheyectl script.

A backup and restore allows you to move your fisheye instance to another location or host. It also allows you to upgrade to another version of fisheye without losing any configuation or user data.


The following files will be backed up:

  • config.xml
  • fisheye.license
  • var/data/data0.bin
No repository cache data will be backed up.

Backup via the Admin Web UI

The "Create Archive" button creates a .zip file in the $FISHEYE_INST/backup directory.

Backup via the Command line

The fisheyectl script takes a backup command and an optional filename for the backup archive. see: fisheyectl backup


To restore a backup, stop the FishEye server and then unzip the file created above into the $FISHEYE_INST directory. For example, say you have a backup_20060101120000.zip in /tmp and you have stopped FishEye, the restore procedure would be something like:

$ unzip /tmp/backup_20060101120000.zip