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Subversion client setup

FishEye can communicate with any server running Subversion 1.1 or later, but it needs to use a Subversion client to do so. You must configure FishEye to use one of the two clients specified below, either the Native or the SVNKit client.

If you do not have all the necessary components (see below) of the Native client installed, you may find it easier to use the SVNKit client.

Using the file:// protocol to access your Subversion repository can be much faster than the other network protocols. We recommend using the file:// protocol if possible.

Native client

FishEye can use a native Subversion client installed on your system, but your client needs to be version 1.2 or later, and must include the JavaHL bindings. FishEye can use all of the protocols supported by your native client.

The JavaHL bindings include a Java .jar file (typically named javasvnhl.jar) and a dynamic library (such as libsvnjavah-1.so or libsvnjavahl-1.dll). FishEye must be configured so it can find both the .jar and dynamic library.

Pre-compiled native clients are available from the Subversion site.

Native client configuration

You can configure your Subversion client in the Server Settings section of the FishEye admin screens, or by editing the <svn-config> section of your config.xml. If you change these settings, you need to restart FishEye.

JAR The path to the JavaHL .jar.
Dynamic library The path to the dynamic library, if it is not already on your system's library path. Note: due to a bug in earlier versions of the JavaHL bindings, setting this value is ineffective unless you are using a Subversion client 1.2.3 or later.

SVNKit client

If you have difficulty acquiring a native Subversion client which contains the JavaHL bindings, you can try to use SVNKit (which is a 100% Java Subversion library).

Note: prior to SVNKit version 1.1.0, SVNKit was called JavaSVN. We recommend using the 1.1.0 version or later, as it is much improved over JavaSVN.

To use SVNKit:

  • Disable the native client, by clearing the "JAR" and "Dynamic Library" fields described above (or remove the <svn-config> element from your config.xml file).
  • Download SVNKit from the above url.
  • Unzip the SVNKit download, and copy all the .jar files to $FISHEYE_INST/lib
SVNKit supports the file:// protocol for FSFS repositories only.