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FishEye supports a powerful type of regular expression for matching files and directories (same as the pattern matching in Apache Ant). These expressions use the following wildcards:

Matches one character (any character) (not including path seperators)
Matches zero or more characters (not including path seperators)
Matches zero or more path segments

Remember that Ant globs match paths, not just simple filenames. If the pattern does not start with a path seperator (a / or \), then the pattern is considered to start with /**/. If the pattern ends in a / then ** is automatically appended. A pattern can contain any number of wildcards. (Also see the Ant documentation.)


Matches /foo.txt, /bar/foo.txt; but not /foo.txty, /bar/foo.txty/.
Matches /foo.txt; but not /bar/foo.txt.
Matches /dir1/file.txt, /dir3/dir1/file.txt, /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt.
Same as above.
Same as above.
Matches /dir3/dir1/file.txt, /dir3/dir2/dir1/file.txt; but not /dir3/file.txt, /dir1/file.txt,
Matches all files under /dir1/.