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ViewCVS URL Compatibility

FishEye contains a URL-compatibility mode with the ViewCVS and CVSWeb tools. For example, a ViewCVS URL of the form http://host/viewcvs.cgi/x/y/z can be viewed in FishEye at http://fisheyehost/viewcvs/x/y/z.

FishEye can be configured as to exactly how it provides this compatibility mode. In particular, you can configure how to map ViewCVS repository names (cvsroot or root in the query parameter) to FishEye repository names.

The Default Mapping can be used to configure which repository to use if no repository is specified in the URL. If a repository name is given in the URL, you can tell FishEye how to translate that to the name of a FishEye repository. Otherwise, FishEye will attempt to use the repository name given in the URL directly.