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Clover Ant Tasks

Installing the Ant Tasks

Clover provides a set of ant tasks to make project integration easy. To make these tasks available in your project build file, you need to:

  1. install clover.jar into ANT_HOME/lib
  2. add the following lines to your build file:
       <taskdef resource="clovertasks"/>
       <typedef resource="clovertypes"/>

The tasks

<clover-setup> Configures and initialises Clover. This task needs to be run before other Clover tasks.
<clover-check> Tests project/package code coverage against criteria, optionally failing the build if the criteria are not met.
<clover-log> Reports coverage results to the console at various levels.
<clover-historypoint> Records a coverage history point for use in historical coverage reports.
<clover-view> Launches the Swing coverage viewer.
<clover-clean> Delete the coverage database and/or associated coverage records.
<clover-merge> Merges two or more Clover databases to allow multi-project reporting.