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Delete the coverage database and associated coverage recording files.


Attribute Description Required
initstring The initstring of the database to clean. No; If not specified here, you must ensure <clover-setup> is called prior the execution of this task.
keepdb Keep the coverage database file. If "false", the coverage database will be deleted. ("true"/"false"). No; defaults to "true"
verbose Show the name of each deleted file ("true"/"false"). No; defaults to "false"
haltOnError Controls whether an error (such as a failure to delete a file) stops the build or is merely reported to the screen ("true"/"false"). No; defaults to "false"



Deletes all of the coverage recordings.

  <clover-clean verbose="true"/>

Deletes all of the coverage recordings, printing out a log statement for each file deleted.

  <clover-clean keepdb="false"/>

Deletes the coverage database and all of the coverage recordings.